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Books by Dr. Kirsten E. A. Borg
Books by Dr. Kirsten E. A. Borg
RODINA – A Novel of Mother Russia
ISBN 1-4120-7876-8
(526 pages, $25.00)
RODINA - in Russian, the Motherland - is a Saga of Russian History, told through a remarkable - and quietly heroic - Russian family of soldiers and peasants and bolsheviks, doctors and priests and wisewomen, artists and dancers and musicians. It tells the story of Evgenia, a Russian woman who endures the upheavals of her beleaguered homeland and personifies Russia’s strength. It is also about Evgenia’s courageous daughters, the dedicated men they love, and the passions which propel all of their eventful lives.
The Saga opens with Evgenia’s birth in 1861, the year of the Great Emancipation of the Russian serfs, in a village on the Volga River. It continues in the artistic world of Tsarist St. Petersburg, unfolds against the idealistic and violent backdrop of the Russian Revolution, and reaches its climax in the monumental battle to defend the Motherland against the Nazis in World War II.
RODINA is about brave men who know how to die, strong women who know how to endure, and a firmly rooted family that sustains them through the tragedy of Russian History. And in these admirable characters, we see what is possible when humanity lives up to its potential.
RODINA is an inspiring story - thoroughly researched and accurately detailed, written by a professional historian and veteran teacher - which presents a wider, deeper view of Russian History and Culture.
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