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Books by Dr. Kirsten E. A. Borg
Books by Dr. Kirsten E. A. Borg
THE PLACE I CALL HOME: What’s Wrong with U.S. and What We Can DO about It
ISBN 0-9617604-0-0
(200 pages, hardbound, $15.00 - includes NEW update booklet below)
25 years ago, I published a small Green Book about saving the USA (and the world). My country was in trouble. I explained why and how to fix it.
Today, my country is in even worse trouble – and for many of the same reasons. The remedies suggested in my Green Book still hold true. THE PLACE I CALL HOME is no-nonsense nonfiction, which very clearly and concisely explains the basic causes of our problems, shows how they interact, and charts a sensible direction toward healing that is grounded in the best of our traditions.
The global perspective described has enabled me to make sense of the world. I still worry and get angry about what is – and isn’t – happening, but I am no longer overwhelmed by the complexity and magnitude of our problems. This frees me to do what I can to solve them. And also lets me enjoy life.
This is Still The Place I Call Home ($3.00, free with purchase of THE PLACE I CALL HOME)
I wrote this addendum as an updated Preface and Afterword to put THE PLACE I CALL HOME (aka "the Green Book") in context with our post-911 World explaining how the Cold War and corporate capitalism did U.S. in. Periodic updates keep the Green Book current. I have just published a new booklet connecting THE PLACE I CALL HOME to recent financial and geopolitical crises.
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